Can you imagine

a sustainable

an innovative

a data-driven

an accessible

a thriving

a connected

a sustainable

future for primary care?

A future where we break the vicious cycle of poor access, declining health outcomes and escalating costs.

A future where all patients have access to comprehensive, coordinated and continuous care.

Our mission is to make this future a reality.

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The NHS at 75

As the NHS turns 75 this year, we reflect on how much the world has changed since its inception. From post-war bread rationing to the internet and artificial intelligence, we have witnessed remarkable advances in society and technology.

We're harnessing these innovations to improve NHS primary care for you and your loved ones. Using the people, systems and technology we have today, we’ll connect you with the right clinician at the right time. This will help us all stay healthier and happier by detecting illnesses early and preventing disease.


Help us make real change

We care about the wellbeing of our clinicians and support teams. They are the backbone of primary care. That’s why we’re creating a work environment where NHS staff can thrive, feel fulfilled and avoid burnout.

Join us on our journey to transform NHS primary care. Together, we'll create a healthier, happier future for patients, colleagues, and the NHS as a whole.

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